On 10/11/2012 Mind on Fire DJs make an appearance at the Junction for UnConvention hulme.

Un-Convention is a not for profit global grassroots and independent creative membership organisation. It’s crowd sources from it’s community for ideas that will help independent music makers, producers and communities. Starting off as a homegrown Manchester organisation it has since branched out holding events as far afield as Colombia, Spain, Venezuela, Uganda, Brazil, Germany and India.

Un-Convention 10.11.12 will explore Moss Side and Hulme’s rhyme, punk, rave, party, reggae and dance culture that ultimately influenced the world. 10.11.12 will feature the most diverse performers, musicians and DJs from Manchester’s exciting past and present. Through a magical journey of unpredictable encounters, parties, exhibitions, projections and talks, we will unravel the secrets of the cultural melting pot of Manchester, Moss Side and Hulme.

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