Readers digest studio setup

Readers digest studio setup

Neko Neko will be streaming his new beat tape tonight@ 9pm via ustream. The stream is coming in the form of a mixdown session from his 6-track cassette tape machine and some live mpc work. The beat tape, entitled Readers digest, is project with limitations from the get go. He’s taken a box set of “utter crap” middle of the road music released by readers digest fame with the intention of making something listenable out of it.  There are self imposed rules too…

1. Samples to be used only from the records in the boxset.

2. Drum breaks are allowed to be used from other records, seeing as there are none on the boxset ones.

3. Synths can be used to make basslines and sounds but no melodies or main parts of the song can be instrument based, only samples from the boxset.

4. There are equipment limitations mainly that only analog equipment can be used, apart from mastering on the computer.

Tune in here from 9pm tonight to hear results.

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