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New Artists added – Riot Jazz and Yes Blythe

We are happy to announce two new additions to the site and two very different ones at that. Its fair to say these artists occupy two wholly opposite ends of the musical spectrum.

Riot Jazz Cheese Board Listen Download

First are the fantastic Riot Jazz Brass Band who are like a massive gang, if gangs replaced their weapons with horn instruments (tenuous I know) If your looking for a bit of get up and go party music then this is the one for you, check the heavy duty, horn laden mega mix above on their Cheese Board selection.

Ceased Listen Download

Next up is Yes Blythe who makes epic, melodic pieces that almost sound like the soundtrack to a film that hasn’t been made yet (this in fact will be the soundtrack to my next late night bike ride) Close your eyes, listen to the great Ceased above and let the sound wash over you.

New Artist – Extra Love

The next new artist to be added to the site is the Natural Selection affiliated “Extra Love” band. Their sound is deep and dubby, with an excellent horn section keeping things rolling but they are also adept at switching things up and bringing extra sounds and textures into their music. Just listen for yourself with the 2 free tracks below.

1. Covered In Gold (ft Angel) Listen Download 2. Somewhere In Time Listen Download

New Artist Update – Vei

Vei came to our attention recently when he sent a few of his tracks through to MOFSOUNDS [at] GMAIL.COM. We liked his take on lo-fi, glitchy electronica and thought we would share it with you, so hey presto and all that, here are 3 tracks from Vei for you to bask in.

1. Batteries Listen Download
2. Cautionary Tales Listen Download
3. Heresy
Listen Download

MOF welcomes XXXY

The first addition to mindonfire.co.uk for the new decade is the awesome XXXY. Known for his releases on Manchester’s Mindset Recordings, as well as outings on various other labels, he has been bubbling under for quite some time now. 2010 promises to be a big year for the man, kicking of with an appearance at Fabric on the 8th of January, so keep your eyes out for new releases and live performances. What better way to kick of your new year than with 4 excellent tracks, all available for free download.

1. We Rollin Listen Download
2. Eulogise Listen Download
3. The Path Listen Download
4. Sparklers Listen Download

Featured Artist – Borland E.P download

The last Featured Artist for 2009 and seeing us into 2010 are the extroadinarily beautiful BORLAND. For some time a favourite at Mind On Fire, Borland expertly craft the kind of lush, ambient electronica that is the perfect soundtrack to any occasion. After recently playing their first live show in Manchester and releasing the mini LP House you can expect to hear more from this 2 piece in the new year but for now enjoy the wonderful “Wildlife” which featured on the digital download MOF 004 Compilation

7 track playlist 1

We have also selected 7 top tracks from within the Artist Pages so get clicking your orange icons to playlist these tracks and give them a listen as you browse the web. Holla

Childs Play – WOLI WOLS

Coconut Hats For Cats – BURNST

Cat Lazers – BORLAND


Deer Cave – CZUK

Evening Mist – INDIGO

Monthly Payments – JOEY AVERAGE