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Where are You? New Sykes!

Over the last 2 years, The Natural Curriculum have been making moves with vinyl releases from Dayse and Aver, the TNC LP, and Aver’s solo EP. Recently Bill Sykes added to that with his new album as a digital download. Basically if you’ve not copped it, make sure you get over to itunes and sort that out. In the meantime check the new video for the track Where Are You. Beats by Chalk. Video by Scott Hallows from STANdbY FILMS.



Now Then with Bill Sykes, DLyfa Reilly and MOF DJs

Now Then are back in Dulcimer this Thursday for another collaborative live gig, this time bringing local hip hop upstarts Will Not Be Televised in to curate the show. Bill Sykes from TNC with his first solo performance in Manchester, with DLyfa Reilly and MOF Djs in support. Its £3 suggested donation or whatever you can or cant afford, so come on down.

Now Then Will Not Be Televised

Now Then Will Not Be Televised

Flow inspecter – Manchester Hip Hop Half Hour

Our boys The Natural Curriculum, who regularly collab with the Mind on Fire Band have been working on some really special videos over the last few months, now available at www.hiphophalfhour.com

Below is the fantastic Flow Inspectors series…