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Baptists and Bootleggers Launch Party on Thursday

New Manchester based record label Baptists and Bootleggers launch their debut vinyl release this Thursday at Islington Mill. The white vinyl compilation features 5 tracks by Borland, Vei, Stagger, Go Lebanon and Daffyd Jones, and comes in beautiful packaging with bespoke artwork and short stories, and is FREE, i repeat FREE at the launch this thursday.

Check out reviews below and click the flyer to find out more info about the party, where Vei, Borland and Go Lebanon will be playing along with DJs from Baptists and Bootleggers and Mind on Fire.

Folly Of Youth review.

Sloucher review

Both Bars On review.

Baptists and Bootleggers














Review: Dayse and Aver EP

By Dave Firth


Like a scratched Isaac Hayes record, the industrial soundscape of 19th century Manchester provided the sultry mood music to the conception of a new age. Spinning frames, steam engines and the howls of disfigured children; a sensual rhythm to which Karl and Friedrich thrust their swollen and throbbing dictations deep into each other’s minds. The hirsute lovers tangled like spiders caught in their own web of intellectual lust, it became impossible to tell where one beard stopped and the other began. Sometimes, Engels would pretend to be the proletariat, tied tight to the frame of his bed, while Marx played the cruel Mill owner. “Spare the rod and spoil the child, my dear boy,” he’d say, spitting on his hand. It was in this setup that they penetrated further into the concept than ever before. Distributing his warm wealth across Engels’ perfect oily body, inspiration struck. “I’ve got it,” he shrieked, “My best line yet… but what rhymes with ‘chains’?


EP 001

Stains. The Capitalist bed sheets were well and truly soiled that day, leaving a mess the servants of the Imperial Machine are still struggling to remove. With all of this in mind, it‘s fitting that Dayse and Aver’s ode to our city is a reflection on the revolution that it helped to inspire. It comes in the guise of a hip-hop concept album- portraying a not so distant Mancunian dystopia. A terrifying cauldron in which brutality, surveillance and hidden menace meld to form a hellish urban penal colony. D&A have created a future every bit as vivid as the books and movies that inspired it; and in doing so, they have provided a powerful commentary of the present.


This debut is a soundtrack for a world in which many of us carry tracking devices in our pockets, willingly, like lambs unaware of their shepherd’s plans for them. Our midnight bus rides, blazed and bleary, are under the cycloptic gaze of countless security cameras.  Dayse’s lyrics confront a society that has allowed the gap between the rich and the poor to widen, systematically removing the safety net from under those who lose their grip.  References to social philosophers from previous centuries show him to be a well read MC, acutely aware of the Industrial Revolution’s parallels to the present.


Dayse and Aver

Dayse and Aver


The beats laid down by Aver match the lyricist’s dexterous flow with a sonic syncretism the two have honed through years of performing in The Natural Curriculum.  Opening track, Hell Is a City, is a statement of intent- over a haunting wall of synths a sample, sourced from the bowels of science fiction, warns the listener that returning to Earth is suicide. And right about then Aver introduces us to the Bass- lurching and stuttering and heavy as hell.


The EP’s strengths lie in its diversity, various flows and styles are fused seamlessly; from nocturnal jazz of Dark Matter to the MF Doom-esque psychedelia of 221120100. Human Zoo sounds like some kind of nightmarish Native Tongues production. Despite the nods to influences (some obvious, others less so), EP001 stands out on its own terms as a work of individuality and artistic integrity. Somehow managing to sound both old school and futuristic, Dayse and Aver have hit on something that deserves to be noticed.

Interview with Dayse and Aver

Following the release of their debut vinyl EP (available HERE) and in the run up to a live show for Mind on Fire this Thursday, Dayse and Aver of The Natural Curriculum met with MOF’s Spurious Scholars to discuss their inspirations for the EP and what’s next for TNC. Click below!

Dayse and Aver

Dayse and Aver

My First Moth 004

The 4th release from Dj Mischief’s My First Moth imprint and the 3rd in a recent series of 7″s. This one is a real treat. Stepping away from previous remix work this 7″ combines a pretty raucos breaks and flute driven A side and a more relaxed and head nodding instrumental  B side “1986”. Quite possibly their best release to date, GET ON IT NOW!

My First Moth

Keep an eye on My First Moth records this year. After 2 blinding 7″ releases from Dj Mischief and Omas, our friends over at The Pinch have a few more gems up their sleeves for the year ahead. Click The Pinch logo below to check their website and the 7″ image to cop yourself a copy of Omas’ 7″, which features remixes of De La Soul and Flying Lotus.

Golden Lab Records

Hello! Another quick one to let you know that Manchester label Golden Lab have a new site up and running so you can have a look through their back catalogue of extremely limited and sought after releases, on vinyl, CDR and cassette…  have a look by clicking the logo below!

Mindset Recordings

MindonFire.co.uk website launch//


Mindset sets to push the spectrum of sound. With varying echoes and volumes creating soundscapes, colours and sculptures. Drawing attention to the shape and depth of the space between sounds as well as to the sounds themselves. With a foundation of deep and throbbing sub-bass and crafted by each producer with a distinctly organic characteristic. Mindset will be ever evolving and growing and taking new directions flowing through dub, techno, ambient, electronica and through new horizons

now up at www.myspace.com/mindsetlabel
early Feb 12” Release. Digital to follow

MINDSET 002 12″ Narcossist/Logos 12″ Out Now
Available from Boomkat,chemical,Juno,Redeye,BM and all other shops that sell decent vinyl Boomkat review: This is the first release from underground dubstep figure Narcossist, a name you may recognise if you’ve been checking Dusk & Blackdown’s excellent Rinse FM show or checked any of Grievous Angel’s on-point mixes available elsewhere on the net. Narcossist has been lauded for his finely produced rhythms which incorporate the kinky slink patterns of early Zed Bias, El-B or more recently Burial, with a love of Maurizio’s M-Series or the Burial mixes and fresh deep techno from T++ and Dettmann for a blend that positions him in a neat spot of his own. ‘Sunblind’ is a Narcossist classic already, having done the rounds on myspace for some time, it was a logical progression to a vinyl pressing for this crafty blend of auld garage riffs, echo chamber FX and a properly tight 4/4 flex that deserves a spot in every future stepper’s box. ‘Slow’ on the flip displays another side to his programming skills, with constantly shifting 2-step patterns executed to perfection with a warehouse spooked sound design. His remix of Logo’s ‘Frontier Dub’ again switches styles to an irresistable deep and dubby house bump, done Berlin style with sprightly chords and a kinked Detroit flow that show this man is defintiely one to watch.

MINDSET 001 Indigo Out Now  // A.Set to Cycle. B.Let it Rain
Now available from Boomkat, Redeye, Juno and independant record stores. Mindset001 digital is now available from digital-tunes.net and addictech.com
Mindset 001: Melancholy dub tech variants from Indigo and Mindset Recordings with a debut release directed towards the fertile middle ground between dubstep, techno and related rhythm science. A-side ‘Set To Cycle’ strikes at a striding 140bpm dub techno pace with offset snares, and sombre dub chords lending a deeper blue atmosphere to a promising track largely influenced by Peverelist, F, or Mala. ‘Let It Rain’ on the flip is an altogether smarter cut, this time taking it’s influences from something a little more complex and electronica debted, with a dipping swing set somewhere between T++ and Toasty. Well set.

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